With her powerful voice and strong writing, this prolific indie singer/songwriter offers up 16 tracks including a cover of These Boots are Made for walking on her seventh full length album. 

- Stuart Derdeyn Entertainment Editor The Province

In a style and sound reminiscent of the legendary Joni Mitchell, Norine Braun's Newest Release "Acoustically Inclined", once again proves that there are artists still out there that refuse to be pigeoned holed into one genre or the other, and therefore are able to offer their fans something fresh and exciting each time they record. "Acoustically Inclined" offers it listeners a number of Genres, performed with a brilliance and insight that is sure to delight all her present fans, while certainly making more along the way.

-      John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

Dear Norine, Last week I received a copy of your latest album and I now want to thank you so much for sending it to me. "Acoustically Inclined" is a very fine and pleasant album and in fact I immediately started playing it in my radio show of American roots based music. at Radio Voce Spazio, as you can see from the playlist. I really enjoy your effort indeed: an acoustic guitar and a very beautiful voice are more than enough for me when there are so many beautiful songs to listen to. More music from "Acoustically Inclined" will surely follow on air in the next weeks of course. In the meantime let me please thank you once again for your kind attention and wish you all the best. Yours, Massimo Ferro (posted with permission)



Acoustically Inclined is the first ever acoustic album from Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Norine Braun. Over the course of eight studio albums Braun has established herself as an award winning jazz musician. The folk and jangle pop of Acoustically Inclined is a bit of a departure for Braun. Dominated by Braun's surprisingly deep and impactful vocals, the album is a collection of sixteen coffee house-worthy tracks. Most of the songs consist of a simple arrangement of voice and spryly strummed guitar. The result is an extremely crisp sound. If there was any doubt about the folk nature of the album it was blown away with "There's A Long, Long Trail A Winding". The prominent harmonica of the song make it easy to imagine Bob Dylan himself singing it. "Climb The Mountain" stands out for the beautifully hopeful harmony vocals between Braun and guitarist Mark McKenzie. "Christmas Bells" should have a place as a Canadiana Christmas favorite. Throw in a pretty straight ahead cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" and you have a decent little record. Best tracks: "Climb the Mountain", "Truth and Dares" -T.O. Snob Snob's Music
2009 Herizons Magazine, Inc. NORINE BRAUN EVOLUTION OF THE BLOODSTAR Braun and Brains Whether playing with the Mood Swings or alone, Norine Braun is never dull. Evolution of the Bloodstar is her latest foray into the world of interdisciplinary music. With sensibilities grounded in the slam and performance art genres, some of her songs make it seem that Braun has been waiting for the world to catch up with her sound. The Vancouver-based artist is both jazz purist--as in the semi-classical pop-inspired, "Skylight"--and an avant-garde neo-slam poet--as evidence on "Brave." Both mixes are great. It's the tunes that sound like funky jazz filtered through early Talking Heads that make Evolution of the Blood Star compelling listening. Ethereal numbers such as the aforementioned "Brave," "In Space" and "Q: Evolution of the Bloodstar," with it's eerie chorus "Papa can you hear me?/ Have I made the grade?" are captivating. Her efforts in traditional forms, however, are uneven. The song "Alberta" sounds like every other country-folk-rocker who goes indie. Braun's voice may not be strong enough to travel in the circles of jazz mavens like Cassandra Wilson. What Braun has is oodles of wit and cleverness, with an understanding of composition that is most elegant when it ventures furthest from traditional musical forms. CINDY FILIPENKO
Acoustically Inclined This is the 7th CD for this Canadian songwriter and her first acoustic one. It's spare with just her voice and guitar. I like her songs. They're just different enough to be interesting. Her voice has a soft sandy quality which is also nice. Acoustic Music.com
Jeremiah Sutherland BullFrog Music Reviews
I like Norine Braun because she does interesting stuff that doesn't fit in with the mainstream of anything....Braun is an adept poet (you notice I didn't say "lyric writer" and melody mechanic. Summary: Interesting audio art. Worthwhile dipping into if you're looking for examples of real poetry and that cool aura.