From the recording Songs For Trees

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01_Going to the Forest

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Norine Braun Vocals, Acoustic and Rhythm Guitar
Adam Popowitz Bass, Lead Guitar, Hand Percussion
Elliot Polsky Drums and Percussion
Alice Fraser Keys (Organ, Synth, Piano)
Huggybear Leonard Blues Harp, Ocarina and Penny Whistle

Produced by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song and Sound

Words and Music by Norine Braun
Mixed and Mastered at Rear Window Song and Sound


I hear you calling to me

Your forgotten wisdom threw me
Into air that drew me

Softly creeping down to bow

Going to the forest

See shining flowers
Sweet perfumed hours
Wildness that towers
And when the birds peeked out
To sing of nature’s clout

They whistled long and loud

In the forest

We bathe in the beauty
Invited so cooly
Embolden unruly

Going to the forest

Warm stones they find me
In barefoot we tread deep
The wet earth is squishy

And all this time I’ve wasted

I could have breathed and tasted
Dived in wellsprings naked
Longing to embrace the path

Caressing rough edged darkness
Bark and dogwood tresses

Fill the spiral dresses

Clothed in cosmic disarray