1. The Burning

From the recording The Burning

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The Burning

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The Burning the first single was written during the ongoing pandemic and while a heat dome and heat wave ravaged British Columbia. The Burning was recorded during the searing and out of control wildfires that devastated our province. Using Dante's Inferno and his descension through hell as inspiration for the lyrics I ponder the times we are living in. Grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts and First People's Cultural Council for helping me create this body of work. Inspired by the need to save the ancient trees and to live sustainably, the lungs of the planet need our deep attention. I take you on journey through the forest filled with joy, wonder and movement in the album Songs For Trees. Produced by Adam Popowitz and these amazing musicians shared their incredible talent on the album: Adam Popowitz Lead guitar and bass, Elliot Polsky drums and percussion, Alice Fraser Keys, Huggybear Leonard blues harp, harmonica, ocarina and penny whistle. Check out how you can help get the music and the message out there at norinebraun.com/crowdfunding-presales

“Great work, Norine. The song has a lovely bounce and flow to it, the musical track is vibrant and well balanced, and your lyrics and vocals are compelling and excellent.” Darryl Sterdan -Tinnitist

“I love the sound and tone of your voice… I do love the nostalgic feel of the track.” POP MUSIC FOR SMART PEOPLE


The Burning

We are burning
We are fireflies
Caught forever
As the dust flies
Far below us
In the twilight
Calling timber
As they fall us

Descends darkness
Lands before me
Gates of hell hounds
In their glory
We move lustful
Surging winds blow
We move pointless
Although hopeful

But the third wave
Finds a huge bog
Some are blinded
By the mud hogs
Mouth filled up now
To the fourth realm
Where the greedy
Roll up gold helms
For each to swallow
And to wholly lead astray

Past the wrathful
Is a foul smell
On the river
Angry souls howl
To walled cities
Where lie flamed graves
Burned out violence
In the blood games

Gnarled trees hang
Wretched limp dolls
Lonely deserts
Scorching sand scalds

We are one now with the burning of the sun