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Quest Before Me

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Quest Before Me
Word and Music © Norine Braun
Produced by Adam Popowitz
Norine: vocals, harmonies and guitar
Adam Popowitz bass
Elliot Polsky drums
Alice Fraser keys and harmony vocals


In the morning I wake up my sleepyhead
Walk to the mirror
I find someone else instead
Looking back questioning all I've said
Whose reflection gives pause to disguises shed

Quest before me
Who will I find in here?
Flake off the layers
A faceless voice appears
Invoking wisdom
With words that I cannot hear

I wander aimless
Distracted by flash and shine
Panaceas and snake oil wasting time
Onward searching the true self eludes my gaze
Hang onto things that will help to make me brave

Go easy
Why don’t you now
Go easy
Am I in here? Am I in there?
Am I in here? Am I in there?