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18_Songs for Trees

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Norine Braun Vocals, Rhythm Guitar,
Adam Popowitz Bass, Lead Guitar
Elliot Polsky Drums and Percussion
Alice Fraser Keys (Organ, Synth, Piano)
Huggybear Leonard Blues Harp

Produced by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song and Sound

Words and Music by Norine Braun
Mixed and Mastered at Rear Window Song and Sound


Sitting near you

Looking up through the green
Shafts of sunlight break through
Patient listening

You offer a bridge

A connection with all
That you do

Take me with you phloem both ways
A xylem knowing one way

Liquid moving grace
Feed me inner veins filled sweetly
Surround me as I breathe deep
Atomic number 8

Songs for trees

Life giving reacher saves us
Songs for trees

These sterling teachers saves us
Songs for trees

We cannot make it alone.

Roots covered deep down

Drawing water trunk through crown
Leaves or needles gather rays
Counting rings to measure their days

Cambium quietly increasing space

Xylem and phloem as effluence chase
Heartwood is born from sapwood that dies
No longer suckles with hardness survives