From the recording Sex in the Forest

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Hot on the heels of The Burning, SEX IN THE FOREST is the second single from the upcoming Songs For Trees album.

This dance tune was inspired by the reproductive cycle of the Coast Douglas Fir tree which are monoecious or hermaphroditic meaning it contains both the female and male cones necessary for reproduction to take place, all within the same plant. They are self sufficient in the continuity of their species how cool is that.
Sex in the Forest was written by Norine Braun and produced by Adam Popowitz who also played lead guitar, bass and programmed the drums, Alice Fraser on keyboards/synth with Norine’s vocals and rhythm guitar.


All the leaves have changed
Summer ends again
Rolling in evening breezes blow by

Peace that flows away
Sunset’s violet haze
You breathe in what I breathe out endlessly

Your roots are strong
You don’t fear the wind
Once clinging moss now loose dangling free

Cast a cone before you
Pollen slips down the grain
Flying quiet for you
Can you feel the rain
Enmeshed in smallness sticky
The cone basks swimmingly
Swells, engulfs and binds you
Douglas fir sways
Germinates to find you