From the recording Songs For Trees

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10_Bulldozed Blues

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Norine Braun Vocals, Rhythm Guitar,
Adam Popowitz Bass, Lead Guitar
Elliot Polsky Drums and Percussion
Alice Fraser Keys (Organ, Synth, Piano)
Huggybear Leonard Blues Harp

Produced by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song and Sound

Words and Music by Norine Braun
Mixed and Mastered at Rear Window Song and Sound


Clear the land For highways grand
This promised land
Ain’t what they tell you
There’s a big demand
They give us feather’s from the chicken
But nothing’s in the frying pan

Bulldozed for bacon
Bulldozed for oil
Bulldozed till barren
Bulldozed and foiled
Sneaked in around us to fell the sacred tree
And when they said they were sorry
They shouted it out with glee

Bulldozed head on
Knocked’em down
Split toothed stone boated
Slashed and burned

Hallowed trees have no value
Unless they’re all cut down
But when the last trees are taken