1. 12_Hurts

From the recording Songs For Trees

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Norine Braun Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Adam Popowitz Bass, Lead Guitar
Elliot Polsky Drums and Percussion
Alice Fraser Keys (Organ, Synth, Piano)

Produced by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song and Sound

Words and Music by Norine Braun
Mixed and Mastered at Rear Window Song and Sound


Hurts so

Hurts so much

Silent fleeing touch

Plucked out limbs grow cold
Ultrasounds unfold

Scream no one can hear

Distressed tried to care
Dismissed you’re not there
Huddled hears the tune
Reaching up to swoon
Now we know

You feel and you know

Even when you cried
Overlooked you don’t hide
The saving grace inside
You’ll save us all

Without you we fall

You’re rooted and you’re strong
You simply grow you don’t wrong
Breathing in branches long
You’ll save us all
Without you we fall

We can’t forget this

All the things you do

Temper clime and you throw us all some shade
How we’re foolish

Now afraid

Your very life is how we will sustain
How we will remain