The Norine Braun Chronicles PART 2 Documentary Review.

         The Norine Braun Chronicles PART 2 produced by Braun & Brains music is part of a compelling series of DIY music journals that invites you on a grass roots journey that will change the way you see music. Part two of this tantalising series follows Norine Braun as she celebrates her tenth album release with 'Gone to The Spirits' which has been dubbed her greatest work yet. The eclectic mix of rock, blues, ambience and aboriginal song lore has created a stunning concept album that's full of life and beyond.        

           Normally, it would take serious dedication to a band to persuade me to view a documentary about them, but there's something enticingly different about Norine and her ventures through the music scene. Unsurprisingly wherever Norine goes, a talented collective of musicians is bound to follow, as she makes waves in an ever growing number of genres, from country, to electronica, to punk. Norine boldly goes where other brave women have dared to venture inspired by the significance of previous musicians had in her own life and career as a musician. 

         It was through music, her world was opened up to possibilities and realities, so this documentary is an ode to her predecessors and how they inspired her to make her music universal for everyone to enjoy by creating lyrics that are non-gender specific, akin to the music of Morrissey & The Smiths. She has a noteworthy approach to music, attempting to dispel isolation through music.

         Aside what Norine has done for the members of the LGBTQA+ community, no review would be complete without mentioning just how sensational her voice is. It's as though when she's on stage she gets possessed through music, her voice is so full of dulcet authority she creates a cacophony of righteous femininity.
         The documentary shows her playing at various festivals and open concerts, the band members change, yet the psychedelic command that she has over music never relents, she creates a melody that you can immerse yourself within. The rolling drums and the screeching riffs of the guitars accompanied by a variation of experimental instruments from harmonicas to ukuleles, you're never quite sure what she's going to pull out of the bag.

        There's an interesting spiritual aspect to her music as she celebrates life, in all of it's diversity, offering transcendence to her audience which is rare for music that is intended for exclusivity regardless of your colour, creed, sexuality or gender. Norine describes her music as inspired by the natural and supernatural world.

         The filmography of the documentary creates a truly 5 star viewing experience for sustaining the infrastructure of underground media, that allows talented and creative individuals such as Norine Braun and her musicians the opportunity to get noticed without interference from the mainstream media as they busy themselves creating the next generation of plastic pop music. The beauty of the small scene that has been exposed is that it allows individuals to create their own identity and be in a network of people that will also benefit from the music.   

- Amelia V Film Critic


The Norine Braun Chronicles: Journal of a Grassroots Musician Part One Final Cut

An entertaining and engaging look at "life on the road" for a working musician. Independent artist and musician, Norine Braun shares her heart and her humour with a refreshing honesty of what it s like to get the music out there in this documentary movie. Filmed, directed and edited by Norine Braun.

Part One



The Norine Braun Chronicles: Journal of a Grassroots Musician


A pretty cool documentary, indie artist and musician ‘Norine Braun’ takes you on a journey in her life out on the world, and I got to say it works for that behind the scenes like feel. If you’re a fan of music, than this will definitely appeal to you because from start to finish you’ll hear a plethora of music played by Norine as she’s out on tour. If you’re not a big fan, then the main draw and appeal of the documentary may keep you watching, as this documentary takes you on a realistic and down to earth journey throughout the whole way.


You get to learn more about Norine Braun as well as her friends, learning about why they wanted to get in the music biz as well as other aspirations. You get the playing in pubs to playing in festivals and all of the in between, and you also get funny and intimate moments along the way while watching the film. Also worth pointing out is the cool and unique locales throughout the film, one moment you’ll be out in a public place and in the next amongst beautiful mountains performing.

A great watch from start to finish, if you have an extra hour to spare do yourself a favor and watch this down to earth journey from this awesome performer.  Enjoyed!


Like the video and want to listen to some of Norine Braun’s music or learn more about her? Check out her site @  you won’t be disappointed!

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