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Hunting Buffalo

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Last year was my second visit to meet my birth father and paternal family in Manitoba. On our way back from Winnipeg.we drove through a hamlet originally called Grantown. Many of my Red River Metis ancestors lived here and took up farming after the last of the buffalo hunting dwindled. The area beside the Assiniboine River is where they would meet up to camp before the buffalo hunts and then later return with their Red River Carts filled for winter. Standing by the river I closed my eyes toward the sun I could feel the ancestors. After a lifetime of wondering where I came from I found them. I could hear them sing to me about a time long ago.
Norine Braun vocals, rhythm guitars
Adam Popowitz bass, lead guitar, hand percussion
Elliot Polsky drums
Alice Fraser organ
Produced by Adam Popowitz
Mixed and Mastered Rear Window Song and Sound
Words and music composed by ©Norine Braun SOCAN 2024


Misty mornings when we ride
In a gorge the sleeping herd will lie
Mossy lairs where prairies sing
With our breath held silent on the brink

Follow tracks from rolling plains
Spiky grass and wild furry manes
Scout shouts out they’re below
Soon the crunching sound of hunting buffalo

Loaded guns and arrows pointed
Carts encircle camps anointed
Shots ring out and startle many
Stampede bursts a thunderous frenzy

Bulls bellow on trampled dead
Ripped on sharp horned thrashing jerking heads
Gored and tossed through whirls of dust
Hunters chant and force a final thrust

Wives and old men's carts are squeezing
Crammed with meat ends hunger, furs end winter freezing
Now these are the days of old
When we were ever hunting buffalo

We gave thanks in days of old
We're forever hunting buffalo
We gave thanks in days of old
We're forever hunting buffalo