1. December Falls

From the recording December Falls

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December Falls

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Norine Braun Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Adam Popowitz Bass and Lead Guitar
Elliot Polsky Drums and Percussion
Alice Fraser Keys


I stand before you as December falls
A light of solace
Cast on frosty walls

Winter heartbeat
Stumbled words allay
Freeze into silence
Hide my nerves away

All I wanted was a love that’s true
The only love I wanted found in you

Brushed away tears
White snowdrifts up
Said I’m sorry
But it’s not enough

Forgive these wild and rambling ways
Without the wisdom I can’t escape
I’ve clung to the dream now hushed awake
Carving the sorrow until it breaks

Guilt flickers slowly kindling much regret
There’s much to tell you
Though you won’t forget

I’ll leave the window open to my heart
In the moonlight shine
We’ll never part

You hold the future but there’s no time left
Arctic dusk of us I am bereft
Of hope I dreamt about fell like ice on ground
A deadened echo frozen crushed unbound
© Norine Braun 2020 SOCAN