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Solstice (This Day The Sun Stands Still)

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Norine Braun Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Adam Popowitz Bass
Elliot Polsky Drums and Percussion
Alice Fraser Keys and Harmony Vocals
Huggybear Leonard Chromatic Harmonica and Penny Whistle
Brent Mah Tenor Sax

Produced by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song and Sound

Words and Music by ©Norine Braun SOCAN 2020


SOLSTICE (This Day the Sun Stands Still)
Winter is upon us now
Cozy up as lights go down
Deep and dark the longest night
We’re drawn to the brightest edge of the world

Silhouetted trees so bare
Biting cold in moonlit air
Your icy breath it takes me there
To the brightest edge of the world

Frozen lashes frame your blues
This day the sun stands still with you
Time for stories to be told
Making angels in the snow
Catching flakes upon my tongue
We’ll long to be forever young
You’ll grasp my mitted hand to chill
We’ll muse this day the sun stands still

Seasons of the souls entwined
Release, relax, let go, recline
Hush the head we delve divine
To the brightest edge of the world

To empty needs no mighty will
Powdered soft becoming still
Like melting snow we cleanse ourselves
This day the sun stands still

This ceremony of new wonder
As we find our souls going under
We sometimes wish it could stay
But nature has her cycles and must have her way
We move with the circle and around we go
But we learn as the ages grow
A dark night of the soul
Doesn’t last forever
Spring follows winter
Like day follows night we remember
Darkness followed by light
We move with a promise that whatever we let go of
Is replaced by something of equal or of a greater love
© Norine Braun 2020