1. Today

From the recording Conventus the Eye of the Heart

Norine Braun: Vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar
Adam Popowitz: Bass, lead guitar
Elliot Polsky : Drums
Alice Fraser: Keys
Huggybear Leonard: Blues harp and penny whistle
Produced by Adam Popowitz
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song & Sound Coquitlam, BC
All songs words and music composed by Norine Braun


I am going to face the wall
Reaching inward judgment call
Faithful willing flying free
Finally able just watch me

Lifeless riots violence chained
My cage is quiet my senses tamed
Mind is aching my soul is cleaned
Muscles ripping just watch me

Today I’m rushing forward with light
Isn’t it bright
Today I’m pushing forward with grace
In the lull we go back these four walls fill it all