From the recording Acoustically Inclined

"Climb The Mountain" stands out for the beautifully hopeful harmony vocals  between Braun and guitarist Mark McKenzie" T.O. Snobs Music


Climb The Mountain Recorded Live at Fiasco Brothers Studios Vocal and Acoustic Guitar: Norine Braun Harmony Vocal and Lead Guitar: Mark McKenzie Bass: Rick Law Keyboard: Roger Skinner Drums: Bill Waldron Sometimes I wander lost Can’t find the forest for the trees Hidden danger lurks When I hear you warning me Sudden weather changes Raging storms may rip through me Yet you stay on the mountain with me I can climb the mountain When you walk with me I can climb the mountain When you talk with me I can climb the mountain When you’re next to me You’ve stayed on the mountain with me When long forgotten valleys Find me stumbling through the night A reassuring vice calms I will be your light But you must learn to trust me The me that's deep in you And we will find a way out with truth Chorus I hear Climb that mountain And you know you’ll reach the top You just keep on giving ’cause you know you've got alot Time means nothing When forever is all you've got Chorus ©norine braun