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A gentle, soothing departure into dreamland with jazz influenced songs providing the perfect mix of solace and brilliance.

Website: Norine Braun releases a new digital album “Kind of Jazz” which is a collection of jazz influenced scintillating songs from her previous recordings. Norine Braun is a singer-songwriter

A gentle, soothing departure into dreamland with jazz influenced songs providing the perfect mix of solace and brilliance.

Website: Norine Braun releases a new digital album “Kind of Jazz” which is a collection of jazz influenced scintillating songs from her previous recordings. Norine Braun is a singer-songwriter renowned for writing wide ranging compositions in various genres from blues, roots, rock to jazz music in her impressive catalogue of 9 albums. Norine Braun’s new “Kind of Jazz”, focuses on 11 songs in soft jazz and mellow stylings from her past 9 releases providing the perfect mix of solace and brilliance all in one collection. Norine’s serene voice and her lush velvety presence is what make these standout performances. The tracks have been highly recognized, including the song Crystallize, which won the Jazz Female singer/songwriter of the year award at the Los Angeles Music Awards. “Kind of Jazz “will be available on iTunes, Amazon and most digital shops online in time for Mother’s day.

“An eclectic creator, Norine Braun expresses universal themes and paints refreshing and meaningful musical landscapes. Braun is a relentless live performer and composer with a nine-album discography, who is full of nourishing aural surprises and a 10th masterpiece on the horizon. Norine is a recent recipient of the esteemed Canada Council For the Arts Award in 2014. She has appeared at numerous clubs and international festivals. Always true to herself and to those that embrace her work, Braun rides the crest of the wave of non-commercial stylists, delivering grit and sensitivity in one deep breath.” - Don Coleman (A/R Group International)

REVIEWS FROM PREVIOUS ALBUMS “Straight out of Vancouver comes Norine Braun, a bluesy artist with a siren’s voice. To say I could listen to Braun sing all day would be an understatement. There’s a kind of raw power to her soulful voice. She even nails melodic bits throughout the album that recall artists like KD Lang and Stevie Nicks, perhaps with a strong dash of Melissa Etheridge. I really took to this album straight away. Great stuff. “ – Robert Ottone JustPressPlay Review

"Best listened to as loud as your neighbours will tolerate, Conventus is an incredibly strong offering from front to back. Strong and passionate, you are able to feel the artists soul, and that of the musicians playing with her. It’s like Norine is able channel both KD Lang and Joni Mitchell concurrently, which in itself should say something. The power and soulfulness she offers up just has to be experienced." Scott Alexander ABORT MAGAZINE

“Conventus the Eye of the Heart” fuses elements of jazz, funk, pop, rock and reggae into a bewitching blues album. Norine Braun’s vocal styling combines those of artists like Bonnie Raitt, Ani DiFranco and Koko Taylor into one remarkable voice." Laurie Fanelli VeggieFans

"Her music sounds like the union of Nick Cave with Patti Smith & City and Colour deep in the Canadian forests." - Joshua Smotherman MTM

"An imaginative display of fine musicianship, potent vocals and heartfelt lyrics, talent like hers doesn't exactly come around too often." - Kevin Sellers Music Emission

"On this well-recorded album she’s got variety, solid tunes and a band that’s so good they breathe together. Why are you still reading this? Go download Conventus The Eye of the Heart." - Jamie Anderson

Review By Ethan Skeleton This Canadian artist is part singer/songwriter part rock star. She’s a veteran performer and recording artist who’s attracted audiences to her intimate and at times flamboyant sound. Did I mention she’s critically acclaimed? Meet Norine Braun. This woman has poured ten tons of life experience into Conventus The Eye Of The Heart, her ninth studio album, and come out the other side smiling. Emerging from a personal health battle and marrying her partner of twenty-five years, she developed the record almost as a form of music therapy, nursing herself back to health one song at a time. Her catchy roots-rock references classic greats like Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell with just a touch of Janis Joplin gone soft on country and hard on the blues. Her distinctive vocal vaults from creamy lows to searing falsetto against the backdrop of her tried-and-true session band.

"Lightning Strikes Twice" celebrates a second chance at romance over a chugging, head-nodding guitar riff; "Boy" explores the complexity of maternal love in the context of adoption; "Take The Sleek Train" is a trippy, Doors-esque ode to the healing powers of Mother Nature. For all its focus on emotional themes, the standout track has to be the barbed blues-rock number called “99%.” It sets it sights on the very contemporary political toss up of financial inequality. Over an irresistible barroom piano loop and a funky break beat, Braun asks ‘Do we pay for groceries or do we pay the rent? Scrounging in the garbage we’re the 99%’. It’s fresh, it’s relevant and it comes with a sting in its tail.

“Fire Flames” plays with a gentle Afro Cuban feel jazz on the ride and toms and to me that is a statement of musical integrity in that band of hers. Don’t just play a song how you think it goes. Find out what where the song is from and look deeper into the styles books. The guitar follows an atypical modal scale that fits Braun’s already unique vocal choices. It’s music that would accompany an acid trip as well as a late night grill out.

Where else are you going to find that kind of eclecticism? While at other times the record does have the tendency to drift into romanticism, it’s always charming and always authentic. You can hear that Braun loves what she does, and passion of this sort is infectious. Most importantly, in an age of over-produced and pre-packaged pop stars, Braun is defiantly different. The music industry has a way of creating sheep and the ones who veer away from norms and hot minute success deserve their due.

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