In the palm of your hand you can hold my entire life’s work.

Norine Braun Collected Works 1996-2022 USB Stick

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This USB contains all of my 13 albums, EPs and single releases on MP3, PLUS a beautiful pdf Lyric Book for all the songs, and bonus material INCLUDING Gone To The Spirits Short Story, promo and photos from over the years! That's 13 ALBUMS/2 Digital Albums/2 EP/3 Singles- 183 ORIGINAL SONGS Valued at well over $300!

What the critics are saying about these releases: Stuart Derdeyn names Songs For Trees in The Vancouver Sun May 2022 as "one of 5 albums you need to hear!”

"Songs For Trees" is unlike any other album I've ever heard. It's beautiful and genius.” Taylor Williams SubbaCultcha

“Each song is beautifully tied together to create a music forest with a very important message." A.A. Christi NYC Broadway World

The Burning from Songs For Trees charted on SiriusXM Indigenous Music Countdown reaching the Top 10 and also charted on Earshot College radio Folk/Blues/Roots. The album has also garnered play on US AAA and non-commercial stations.

The Vancouver Sun's Stuart Derdeyn also named December Falls as 1 of 5 new seasonal releases worth putting under your tree last Christmas.

Jon Ireson says it best that ” blues-rock singer-songwriter Norine Braun has cooked up a Christmas album during her time in quarantine that offers up several swingin' new holiday-tinged tracks and peppers in her rowdy take on some old chestnuts. The veteran songstress' new tracks frame the season in a new way, shirking the traditional style much in the way rock n roll originally came in and rebranded the idea of Christmas by the likes of Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley. December Falls encapsulates the whole period of transition that comes with the new year, not just the day itself. God knows we're all ready for a transition!”

Through Train Windows "delicious alt-rock with bluesy country hues. Braun’s voice dazzles with its smooth, pristine textures." - tattoo (dot) com

“A bluesy artist with a siren’s voice. To say I could listen to Braun sing all day would be an understatement “ - Robert Ottone Just Press Play Review

Gone To The Spirits "It’s her best album, incorporating rock, blues, latin, ambience and aboriginal song lore.” Tom Harrison - The Vancouver Sun 

“With a poetic graceful beauty, Norine Braun’s “Gone To The Spirits” is a carefully crafted narrative full of compelling snapshots of a life.” Beach Sloth Review 

Gone To The Spirits "exceeds expectations and is music for our Two-Spirit souls" Harlan Pruden Two Spirit Journal 

“Norine Braun creates an air of excitement in her music that reminds one of such artists as This Mortal Coil, Nico and Patti Smith. Like these performers Norine's work avoids cliches & ghettos.” — Radio Wymsey Music Channel

Sometimes our world is dark, tragic and painful and other times the beauty makes you fly through the sky exhilarated and full of joy.

Do you feel this way too?

Come join me on a musical journey through my releases with stylings of folk, blues, jazz, rock, pop even a little hip hop and we can soar through time together . Take me with you wherever you go on USB flash drive, the Complete catalogue on MP3 and the Complete Lyric Book on PDF! That’s every song I ever released to the public. Thank you!

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