J'en Suis Desolee

Norine Braun
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 J'en Suis Desolee is broken French for I am sorry I do not speak French. The song for me is about movement as spiritual practice, being proud of who you are, about communicating even if you don’t speak the language (symbolically and literally) or others don’t understand what you are trying to say. The French chorus came from a little spiel I once said thousands of time when I was a long distance overseas telephone operator(my first job out of high school). In my failed attempts to understand those fast talking French Canadians and convey my apologies at my ineptness at the beautiful language I had composed my sentence which years later became a chorus. 

There ya go the long and the short of it. 


J'EN SUIS DESOLEE J'en suis desolee. Je ne parlez pas francais. J'en suis desolee. Je ne parlez pas francais. J'en suis desolee. Je ne parlez pas francais. J'en suis desolee. Je ne parlez pas francais. J'en suis desolee. Je ne parlez pas francais. J'en suis desolee. Space in the molecular Indelible spectacular We ride the Milky Way Infinitely swayed Me and the seven sisters Got separated, Antiquated We avoided The shaded and the jaded They never created Only looked for hooks and crooks While millions die in their cerebral sky Rationalizing why Cynics don't cry They deny To feel they'd die Which side of the screen do you live on? Who milks your thoughts ? Why are you asleep? Do you hear me? CHORUS To see your own shadow you have to see your own light. Don't believe the right and everything they hand you Question everything And if they brand you Where the label proud and know what you stand for Believe in something a credo, a vision, a prayer For when you despair on the horizon It is still your decision to withstand derision or cataclysm becomes your ism We the seven sisters we dance and no one catches us Dance until the fever scratches us Dance to feel what matches us We dance to come home You know what I'm saying? CHORUS Walked miles in one's footsteps found the blind can't lead I looked for wisdom in meanings of words that never cease I rubbed the belly of the buddha Wished for luck to meet me in time, one more time When I dance in the darkness or the lightness moves my soul divine, One more time,one more time © Norine Braun SOCAN

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