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Lost Tracks Bootleg

Lost Tracks Bootleg

by Norine Braun

Released 2010
Released 2010
Christmas comes early for fans of Norine Braun, as the eclectic indie singer-songwriter releases "Lost Tracks Bootleg," a 4 song digital EP containing what she calls "the lost sessions of music that could have/should have been released before 'Modern Anguish' (1996) and before the collection of the songs that became 'Miles To Go' (1999)."
It includes the haunted song, "Touch Me”, co-written by Kathleen McGee and previously unheard, early versions of the other 3 "lost rock tracks”, Not the Church, Please Don’t Go Away and Watch the News have been available only to fans who collect unofficial "bootleg" recordings including Mystic and Fools Demo Norine recorded in 1993, after winning the FACTOR new talent award.

The collection is worthy of an EP release, while providing an early glimpse into what made Braun rock in her formative singer-songwriter recording years.

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