I Believe You

by Norine Braun

Released 2010
Braun and Brains Music
Released 2010
Braun and Brains Music
An old school power ballad pop wedding song.
I Believe You is the ultimate wedding song.
This song was a result of my niece's request. She asked me to write a special song and perform for her wedding day.
It was fortunate I recorded the song as a gift to her and her husband as i was in a horseback riding accident and ended up in the hospital when the wedding took place. They were able to play the love song as they walked down the aisle and I am glad to say they are still happily married!
The song features a killer 90's style guitar solo, contrasting vocal dynamics, beautiful harmony vocals, heartfelt lyrics and produced by the amazing James Bowers. I was going through my archives of demos and songs and came across this beauty, it seemed a shame only the family has heard this love song and I thought it high time to share the music with the rest of the world. Enjoy!

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