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Norine Braun
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Independent Vancouver artist Norine Braun releases a new single, Ninety Nine Percent. The gritty, progressive sound of 99% has edge, sonics and is full of adult alternative hooks that AAA audiences understand. Braun recruited a killer collection of local roots rock, soul and blues players for the single and upcoming album including: Juno nominated producer/guitarist, Adam Popowitz, drummer/percussionist Elliot Polsky, blues harpist Andrew “Huggybear” Huggard and pianist Alice Fraser. Using 99% as a muse, Norine is currently writing the material for the next album due out in 2013.

Following on the heels of last year’s release No.8, Braun intensifies the moxie with 99% giving more than a nod to alternative feels and urban blues, a la Black Keys, Kings of Leon and The Pretenders. The song pays tribute to the unifying slogan of how the 99% are paying the price for the mistakes of a small minority. Braun has pledged 1% of the net profits of 99% to be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the planet.

Hard working DIY indie artist Norine Braun has an impressive and prolific catalogue of 8 albums. The recipient of awards like Songs Inspired By Literature international songwriting competition and the prestigious ‘Female Singer-Songwriter of the Year’  at the Independent L.A. Music Awards, Braun, even as a newcomer, has dazzled her critics as “a rare find,” according to The Best Female Musicians Magazine.




99% (Ninety Nine Percent) 

I got something 

I got it in the bag 

Don’t look at me mister 

You’'d be better off dead 

We got busted for planning 

It'’s in the back of my head 

We got morning in the coffee yeah 

The blues is back in bed 

Mama’'s in the kitchen 

Papa hit the sack 

Up all night he’s looking 

But no one calls him back 

Do we pay for groceries? 

Or do we pay the rent? 

Scrounging in the garbage 

We'’re the 99% 

Occupy corruption 

Overtake and lead 

Even Jesus angered 

When he tossed away the greed 

Lining up for lunch 

People'’s right should rule 

Lining up for jobs 

Corporate wrongs so cruel 

Watching our destruction 

Or are the 99 ahead? 

We won'’t lost the world to evil 

But to those who watch instead 

My gal’s on piano 

She playing it real well 

Musing on this blues riff 

As we drift on down to hell 

We dream of baskets and the babies 

Dream of corn and the gravies 

Living on empties 

Living on maybe, maybe, maybes 

Nothing to fall back on 

On nothing to depend 

We gotta sweet sense 

We got no cents 

We gotta sixth sense 

We got no sense 

We gotta sweet sense 

©Norine Braun 2012 SOCAN

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